About Artist  

 My name is Ameira Hernandez, I specialize in doing henna and Jagua. As a child, I have let my imagination run wild with fresh ideas and implemented them on paper or on canvas. Expressing myself through art has since then, been my safe haven. Now as a budding artist,  I only wish to share my creativity made real through the art forms of henna and jagua or with a few strokes on the canvas. As we embark on this journey called 'life,' I believe it is essential to connect with the people around you. My mission is to connect with others with art that touches the soul and that is emotionally stimulating. I am certified in the henna arts through the International Center of Natural Henna Arts certification program as of November 2018. 

"Time wasted rationalizng the mediocore could be time spent creating the magnificent" - Jen Sincero